The Blind Man

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A stranger shows up in town, old, mean, grumpy, and blind. With a nasty disposition he sets to aggravating all the shop owners in town. At the same time a tall dark hair blue eyed stranger shows up in town, he looks familiar to everyone, but no one dares to speak to him. At the same instant, three days before his wedding day, the United States Marshal for the territory is ambushed on the trail home. A mystery ensues which takes the town sheriff with the assistance of everyone he can deputize to try and figure out what is going on before another attempt is made on the marshal’s life.


Brothers Terry Smith and W.D. Smith grew up in rural Missouri the two youngest children in a large family. One having the talent to write the other the talent to tell a good story, they came together to write and re-write to a finished product, The Blind Man.