Havering Through Time

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Anyone reading this book who is old enough to remember some of the old scenes and buildings of the area may find that they are surprised at how much Havering has changed in the not too distant past. These things have a way of happening without one taking it all in at the time. For younger readers the changes to the local area may come as a shock when they see how much Havering has altered. It is hard to picture Romford market full of livestock if you have only ever seen stalls selling modern items, or to imagine the streets full of soldiers. There was unfortunately a period in the mid twentieth century when much of old Havering disappeared, especially in relation to Romford. They were the days when anything new and modern seemed preferable to what was seen as old and out of date. Attitudes may have changed now but unfortunately it's too late for many of Havering's old landmarks which fell victim to the modernisers. This book may then bring back a few memories for some. Hopefully of days when life in Havering was different and maybe simpler than it is today.


Michael Foley is a local author who has had a number of articles published in magazines such as Best of British, This England and The Great War. He has been writing for some time and has had many books published, mainly about the area where he lives and Essex and Military History. He lives in Romford.