Under the West Texas Sky

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A true grit western adventure with twists and turns, bank robberies, gun battles, bounty hunters, brothels and murders. Bounty hunter Jay Gray Wolf leads a team of seven bounty hunters against ruthless outlaws and gunslingers who ride across Arkansas, Texas, and New Orleans under the direction of the crazed, black-hearted gambler and killer known as Ray Sparrow. Known for his greed, thievery, and obsession for his young wife, Savannah, and his mistress, Jeanne La’ Font, who escaped the prison of Sparrow’s brothel known as the Purple Peacock in New Orleans. Meet the phantoms that rob Sparrow for more than a year, stealing his wealth in a well-plotted bank robbery in Clearwater, Arkansas, escaping to the West Texas terrain. Who will you become: the bounty hunter, the phantoms, a gunslinger or the black-hearted gambler?


R. S. Wells is a resident of northeast Texas. He was born in Dallas, Texas.