James Oliver Young

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James Oliver Young serves as interim pastor of Geneva Presbyterian Church on the north side of San Antonio, Texas. His deep care for people is seen in planned ministry at the church, in the hospital, and in homes, and unplanned ministry occurs in unexpected places such as rest stops along highways.

Jim enables elders, deacons and members to come to terms with their past. He encourages them to discover a new identity and envision a hopeful future. His counseling with those experiencing grief and tragedy is as unique as he is. His care for staff is personal and profound.

He has two children, a daughter and a son, both naval officers. His wife, Diane, opens the front door to see two uniformed navy officers. Before they can deliver their news she sobs, “Which one, oh God, which one, which one?” Jim and Diane receive loving care even while caring for others.


The Rev. Doctor David C. Marx grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was a navy chaplain. He was as an interim ministry specialist. The novel’s main character is an interim pastor, a former navy chaplain from Wyoming. The novel’s setting is San Antonio, Texas, the current home of the author.