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The Adventures of Captain Black Hand
by Benny Thomas

Total Word count-72612
Characters- 388539
While Spain and Portugal were busy bleeding the Americas young Murtius thought he could get a little of the action. He as a pirate began his career. Soon he found out that in the Great Game played by England and Spain sky was the limit. The book is full of adventures and they are narrated with an eye for exotic locales, romance and for the absurd.
Age Group: 13- 30.
genre: literary fiction,historical fantasy.


What Is In A Name?
The pirate fishes out a scholar who is not what he seems. The call of the sea pits them against one another. Against this backdrop the prize is a queen's treasure...

The Beginnings

Young Murtius is challenged to keep his father out of the Royal State prison. What if he has to fall foul with Law in order to do that? The pirate sets off a scam and finds some skeletons in the family cupboard. Toufiq Bey isn't amused..

The Pirate Keeps His Promise

Murtius thrown overboard makes a deal with a great white Shark that will eat him. He will deliver one in his place. As if by miracle he is let off. The only snag is to find who will take his place or the Shark?

Elixir of Life

Captain Black Hand takes rejuvenation therapy and finds the cure has its downside: it makes his purse lean but broadens his area of operations.

A Soul on the Mend

Black Hand in poor spirits, is press-ganged by the Portuguese and his troubles do not end there. The ship is heading into troubled waters where events take shape in unlikeliest form to steer him home.

Love Among The Ruins

Captain Black Hand in Cartagena falls in love but it goes to his head; his amnesia can be treated only by some skullduggery and it has its surprise twist too..

The Hand Of Fatima

A purloined map to a buried treasure leads the pirate to an inaccessible part of Southern Spain.
Unknown to him the hut where he is lodged come mysterious guests. They turn out to be Lucienta and her two accomplices. Can he hold out against his nemesis? .

The Rule of Thumb

The pirate is in irons and so is one who had known him for long. The governor of the dungeon Baron Zouvrain is out to milk every penny from them. The pirate unknown to the presence of the other convincingly passes for a man of God.. But will he succeed?

A Woman Scorned

A letter from Lucienta sends Captain Black Hand to The Moon’s Tears in Alexandria where the slave trade thrives. He is trapped in the land of Moslems where law is strict. He has to make a choice and fate of two women hang in balance. A dark tale of passion.

Chapter -10
Captain Black Hand at Sea

The pirate takes a mysterious boy under his wings. Diaz Diablo lives up to his name while the captain loses control of his ship and faces great hardship.

Over The Andes
Captain Black Hand in despair is taken over by Dom Orteguilla who knows just the thing
to perk him up. Proxy is holed up in the Andes.