The Freedom Galley

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Ever since she could remember, Elmira's hero faithfully rescued her from the Bad Things. But as time ticks on, Elmira notices something worse than wolves, nausea, and bullies: her hero is fading. Will she disappear completely? If she vanishes, well…what then? Terrified, Elmira drains like a punctured vessel. When she finally depletes, a team of doctors explain that she is simply experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, a season or two of deep depression. It’s just her brain – a misfire, an imbalance. She needs pills. Therapy. Rest. Years pass as Elmira struggles through a jungle of loss, lies, and villains as she attempts to pick up her hero’s pieces. The medications don’t work and neither do the diagnoses. Crushed and bewildered, Elmira surrenders. That is where Captain steps in. The Freedom Galley is a bold and heartwarming story that gives its readers permission to open their eyes to the unseen, stand up for who and what they believe in, and above all, to never let fear tell them what to do.


Driven by insight and imagination, Raechel deMink seeks to tell her audience honest stories with eclectic twists. Raechel writes with a fearless cantor, an open heart, and a vivid imagination – inviting you, her reader, into unique and inspirational worlds. She has earned her BA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University and currently works with content and online catalogs in Chicago, IL. In her free time Raechel enjoys chasing storms, making art, watching her programs, and writing her stories.