Urbanism and Quality of Life

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The current explosive growth of cities and metropolitan agglomerations is a new phenomenon. The world is now rapidly changing from an agricultural and rural to a highly urbanized society; and industry is becoming the chief source of livelihood for progressively larger populations. Everywhere people are on the move in pursuit of better life that science and technology made possible, that high productivity and better health and nutrition made possible and, universal education and mass media of communication, and aspiration common to all mankind. In our time the city embodies the basic conditions for the fulfillment of this aspiration. Consequently, it attracts with elemental force populations that insufficient land and conditions of tenure could barely sustain in the past and whom new agricultural technology has now made superfluous.


The author has published four books in population theory which is selling in Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He has several published papers in leading journals. One of his books is suggested text book for PG diplomo in population studies, Jaipur University, Rajastan.