Tracking Traveler

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Cullen Baker is a top detective on a case trying to solve the mass murder of twenty-five people. The crime had taken place in a building where top secret products were being created. With the help of his partner, Sandy Fortner, they set out to catch the thieves of the products and murderers of the victims. Before they can solve the case, their investigation comes to a dead end. The case takes twists and turns when they discover a person named Traveler, whose face has never been seen. All the evidence is pointing to this mysterious being, naming him the number one suspect. Searching for answers, Cully and Sandy meet a man named Scott Bennett. Scott tells Cully his wife was kidnapped after he unknowingly gains possession of a mass amount of stolen goods. Cully suspects the kidnapper to be Traveler, and with the help of Scott, they set out to catch the faceless man.


J.W. Hawks was born in a very small town in South Carolina. While growing up farming with his father and mother, his father would tell him stories inspiring him to write his own. At the age of eighteen, he entered the Air Force and served for twenty years. Throughout his whole life he felt the need to write, and so he did.