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Lavenders Blue by Janet Tyers from Janet Tyers

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    USD 23.28
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    June 3, 2016
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    55 lb.

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  • Janet Tyers
Janet Tyers

Offered By Janet Tyers

I was born in 1958 at RAF Cosford in Shropshire. As my father was in the RAF, I spent my early years living in different parts of the country and also abroad. I settled in Cambridgeshire after getting married, with my husband, Melvin, and two children, Hannah and Bevan. When the children married, my...

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"Jean Ward was an American and alive in the twentieth century. Janette was a French sixteenth-century ghost haunting an old manor house, protecting a hidden secret, but to this she needed help of the living, Jean. Knowing that Jean had seen her, Lord Terrington and Jean?s fiancé, Stuart, could see what was happening but could do nothing to prevent it.

Willingly or not, Jean is transfixed, caught in the whirlwind that propels Jeanette to her purpose?to release her from her purgatory.

The only means of detecting Jeanette was the smell of lavender, which accompanies her through the rooms."