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Midge by Marjorie Abell from Marjorie Abell

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    USD 28.03
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    March 26, 2014
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    55 lb.

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Marjorie Abell

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"MARJORIE ABELL grew up in the ueensland bush one of fi ve children. Her father was a teacher and taught all his own children. From her earliest years Marjorie loved telling stories, writing and drawing. She started work as a teacher, but regularly resigned to do other work. Her jobs included worki...

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"MIDGE is an autobiographic account of the life of author Marjorie Abell, chronicling her birth and early childhood, to her schooldays and the carefree adventures of youth she partook in with her siblings and friends. She remembers the loving environment cultivated by her parents, and what they went through to ensure that their family was well provided for. Readers will follow Marjorie as she grows up and faces
the responsibilities brought by maturity, and the changes that occur around her and her family. Ultimately, hers is a touching coming of age story, a pristine photograph of the author?s life experiences."