What’s Your Excuse for not Eating Healthily?
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More About This Title What’s Your Excuse for not Eating Healthily?


Written for people who really want to eat more healthily, but who struggle to stick with healthy eating plans or diets.
Joanne examines all of the reasons why readers may struggle with food and offers guidance, ideas and inspiration to overcome those reasons, so that they can move on and improve their relationship with food.

Back cover reads:
Do you wish you could eat more healthily and improve the way you look and feel, but find that all too often life gets in the way? Do you regularly embark on healthy eating plans or diets but find that you just can’t stick with them? Then this is the book for you.
This isn’t another diet book. Instead it’s a look at the things which have tripped you up in the past and offers advice, ideas and inspiration to help you overcome those things this time around.
No willpower? Hate healthy food? Got no time to cook? Crave sugary snacks? Overcome all of these excuses and many more. Change your eating habits and relationship with food for good.


Joanne Henson is a health coach who works with clients to help them to change their relationship with food and exercise and to develop permanently healthier lifestyles.


How to use this book
The benefits of eating healthily
The consequences of eating unhealthily
A note about the word “diet”
A note about the definition of healthy eating
The Excuses
Social Life
The Lamest Excuses of All
Some Final Thoughts


“Very useful, very practical and makes a lot of sense! There are some great tips in here and even if you just implemented a bit of Joanne's advice it would make a real difference”
Chantal Cooke, journalist & broadcaster

“I will certainly be using this as a reference book and keeping it handy at all times. I enjoyed it immensely and was very excited that someone was talking my language. I would highly recommend it if you struggle to eat well for a sustained period. I guarantee you will be nodding in agreement whilst turning the pages”
The 1970s Diet

“A concise answer for a wide range of popular excuses for eating junk and avoiding your five-a-day …. ideal for those moments when you hear yourself making a crappy excuse and need your butt kicked to get you back on track!”