What's Your Excuse for not Getting Fit?
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More About This Title What's Your Excuse for not Getting Fit?


Written for anyone who wants to be fit, lean and healthy, but who finds that life often gets in the way.
Joanne tackles the things which might prevent a reader from becoming the fit, active person they’ve always wanted to be, and offers tips, ideas and support to help them overcome those things in future.

Back cover reads:
Do you want to be fit, lean and healthy, but find that all too often life gets in the way?  Do you own a gym membership you don’t use, or take up running every January only to give up in February? Then this is the book for you. 
This is not yet another get-fit-quick program. It’s a look at the things which have prevented you in the past from becoming the fit, active person you’ve always wanted to be, and a source of advice, inspiration and ideas to help you overcome those things this time around. Change your habits and attitude to exercise for good. 
Too tired? Lacking motivation? Bored by exercise? You won’t be after reading this book!


Joanne Henson is a health, fitness and weight loss coach who helps her clients to get healthy and happy and stay healthy and happy. She overcame her own obstacles to get fit and she now inspires others to do the same.


How to use this book
The benefits of being fit and healthy
The consequences of not being fit
The definition of fitness
The Excuses
I hate the gym/exercise
I’ve got no willpower
I’m not in the mood
I don’t want to look stupid
I’m too stressed
I’m bored with my workout
I can’t get motivated
It’s no fun
It’s raining
It’s too cold/too hot
I don’t know what to do
I am worried about getting too muscly
It’s too hard
I don’t have the energy to exercise
I didn’t see any changes in my body the last time I exercised
I’m worried about overtraining
It hurts
I’m hungover
I think I may be getting ill
I’m too old
I’m too fat
I’m already thin so I don’t need to exercise
I’m useless at sport
I walk to the station and back every day, isn’t that enough?
I keep fit running around after the kids
Social Life
My friend couldn’t come with me
I want to go to the pub instead
My friends say it’s rubbish
My boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse wants me to stay in
It’s my friend/colleague/relative’s birthday/leaving do
I want to watch Eastenders/TOWIE/etc
Gym memberships are too expensive
I’m on holiday
The gym is too far away
I travel a lot for work
My iPOD needs charging and I don’t like to exercise without music
It’s January and the gym’s too busy
I forgot my kit
I don’t have the time to exercise
I’ll start again on Monday
I’ve got chores to do
I need to look after the kids
The Lamest Excuses of All
I got home from work, sat down on the sofa and couldn’t get up again
I hate my gym
It will mess up my hair
I can’t get out of bed in the morning
Some Final Thoughts


“Joanne is a true inspiration! Her passion, commitment and no nonsense attitude never fails to motivate her clients to get moving and achieve their health and fitness goals”
Sarah Price, triathlete and five times Ironman finisher

“Very useful, very readable, and full of sensible, practical advice - that actually makes sense. If you're struggling to keep to an exercise plan, then this will really help”
Chantal Cooke, award winning journalist & broadcaster

“For every excuse, Joanne gives well thought through, sensible solutions which kick your particular excuse into touch. When you see the sense of her arguments, it helps you to really look at what is stopping you from exercising”
Deborah Henry-Pollard, Catching Fireworks

“This book makes you realise you are not a freak for finding reasons not to get up and do it. And it helped me get past those reasons, laugh at myself a little and then come up with strategies that might actually work. A great book to dip in and out of - just reading the contents page is enough to make me smile. Thanks!”
Jan Doole, Business Coach

“You'd probably expect the tone of the book to be shouty and aggressive but surprisingly, it isn't. It has a tone of empathy combined with realism, a kind of ‘I understand but come now it is possible’”