The Invasion Spy
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"A thirty-year old American Captain, Bryan Radcliffe, is transferred to England in 1943, to work for the British Secret Service, prior to the Allies ?D-Day? invasion of France. He is asked to travel secretly into occupied France as a spy to obtain information as to enemy forces. He risks his life and must avoid German officers and agents who have marked him for capture and worse. Finally, as the enemy prevents his exit he miraculously escapes them. With the French Resistance?s help he then tries to leave Franas a French civilian on a train headed to a neutral country.
On board he meets a lovely young American woman from Paris traveling with a young son, one Jane LaPierre. They quickly bond and agree he will try to keep in touch. Near the war?s end they try to resume their friendship, but can?t due to a sad event in her past. Back in England he assists in the final Invasion plan again risking his life against German spies. Finally, he returns to America, having completed his work abroad. After the war he is awarded a hero?s medal by the French Government to be received in Paris. Will the lovers have another chance to make a life together? Will his old enemies still pursue him?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs