Unspoken Agreements
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"AKK grew up in an environment where she was often told about what she should or should not be doing. However, she chose to explore the unexplored.

But it was not until she suffered a life-altering medical condition that she realized the futility of living a life based on too many assumptions. She witnessed the amazing power of mind and body to heal itself, and her simple insights brought her back to full health.

In this guide to living a happier life, she shares how to:
? overcome bad experiences that happened in the past;
? change negative emotions into positive emotions;
? forgive individuals ? including yourself; and
? deal with the anxiety of the future by living in the present.

We all live a life based on our assumptions, our belief system, our worldview about what defines us, and our views about self, family, success, and God. We do not always realize how deeply these agreements influence us and our being.

Join the author as she shares how she became a successful businesswoman, overcame health problems, and started living life to the fullest?and learn how you can do the same?by examining Unspoken Agreements."

Exhibited At: International book fairs