Beauty unto Eternity
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"The human mind can become trapped by thoughts?and those thoughts are not always good. Rather than focus on things like war, heartache, and pollution, why not focus on things beautiful and feel all the better for it? Poet Gurkirat Aulakh has been an observer of the pure and lovely for some time, and he shares his wisdom via the written word.
In ?? The Beauty ?? , he depicts the voyage of the mind into the depths of stunning splendour. ?A Beautiful Night? is the study of an evening beneath the stars and the beauty it entails, visually and sensually. ?A Monsoon with the Beauty? worships the falling rain as though the storm is an entity with which we must spend time. ?The Colourful Beauty? celebrates the myriad colors in the natural and not so natural world.

Whether he writes about Valentine?s Day, wives, girlfriends, dreams, or nature in all its glory, Aulakh seeks to negate the ills of the human personality with soul-enriching beautification. His poems culminate in psychological reflections as we invigorate our love for magnificence, carrying with us divine beauty into eternity."

Exhibited At: International book fairs