English Connect 365+
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"This third book in the English 365+ series focuses strictly on business, which is almost a language of its own?and one that you must master to succeed in the global economy.
Eric Thompson, who has been teaching English in Japan to all learning levels for almost twenty years, explains why saying, ?Can you send me the invoice?? is much different than saying, ?Can you forward me the invoice?? and why ?Let?s discuss the staff bonus policy? sounds more professional than ?Let?s talk about the staff bonus.?
While you can say things in different ways and have them mean the same thing, there is a time and place for formal English versus informal language?and knowing when to choose one style over another is critical.
In this book, you?ll find hundreds of definitions of business terms?and just as important?you?ll get the chance to practice vocabulary by writing your own sentences that include the terms you?ll learn. Numerous review exercises are included to ensure your continued success speaking English at home and abroad."

Exhibited At: International book fairs