El arte de los monólogos cómicos

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More About This Title El arte de los monólogos cómicos


Humor can be defined in many ways —as intelligence, communication, joy —but, of course, it should always implicitly come with the right way to surprise the public. A joke, an event, and an unexpected outcome may come from improvisation, but most of the time they are the result of hard work and hours of study. There is neither hocus-pocus nor magic potions when it comes to humor. There are techniques, knowledge, hard work, and many hours of training. That is why this book aims to become a benchmark in forming new talent, because it clearly explains the formative scenes for a stand-up comedian acting both technically and emotionally.


Gabriel Córdoba has had a thriving theatrical career for over twenty years. With over thirty productions including The Smiles of Silence and Jesus Christ Superstar, he has won many prestigious awards including the Star Comedy Award, and has recorded monologues for Central Comedians and Paramount Comedy.