Dios sin Dios

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Does God still make sense today? Is He necessary? Why reopen a debate that modernity seems to have shut away? Javier Melloni answers such questions with the understanding that religions are called upon to progress together, through silence and dialogue, towards a new spirituality. José Cobo, whose focus is based in modern atheism, rejects the placement of Christianity within what he would call the great magma of our new trans religion.


Javier Melloni is a Spanish anthropologist, theologian, and phenomenologist of religion. He is also the author of El Cristo interior, Hacia un tiempo de síntesis, and several other books. José Cobo is a Spanish professor of the history of philosophy and a religious scholar. His research is focused on reconciling the epistemological dignity of the Christian tradition with the modern critique of the transcendent, as in Nietzsche’s writing, as well as with contemporary trans confessional tendencies.