The Tale of an Orphan

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This book is about life. How painful and beautiful it can be. It is a lesson teacher as well as a comforter. It is an encourager as well as a chastiser. It is a journey through a storm with a triumphant ending. It is a book that can help change the world; a spellbinding memoir of childhood aching sadness and desperate humor. It is a testament which makes you believe, in spite of poverty and death, there is hope for the future.This chronicle of amazing triumph against all odds will help you understand life properly and live to be a blessing to the world.


Richard Paa Kofi Botchwey lost both his parents at ages 5 and 7 respectively. Born into poverty and banished from his village after his parents died, he lived homeless on the dangerous streets of Ghana. At times, people did offer to take him in, only to physically and verbally abuse him. During this time, and often sleeping in phone booths or side street “dumps,” God told Richard to begin writing a book; with no real formal education and learning English by digging in trash cans for “western magazines,” Richard painstakingly began to write down and record each day of his life; which at the time, he did not know, would later inspire the world! In this miraculous story, Richard details his walk with God through the joyful times and the sad, the freighting and the courageous, the times of near death and life. Richard takes you through his journey and gives amazing testimony of God’s miracles. In just over 10 years, Richard completed his book The Tale of an Orphan a Lesson to Learn and it was officially published April 1st, 2012 by E-magine Publishing. <br> <br> Since publication he has appeared on Pauline Long Show (SKY TV UK) and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Europe, as well as several television and radio shows in Ghana. UBAWA (Urban Books, Authors and Writers of America) ranked his book among their Top 100 Books of 2013 in the USA. Indeed, he is a generational thinker and incredible business orientated young man who believes that, even in ashes, there is hope. Richard is currently working on several charitable projects and writing his next bestseller “If I Were an American.”