Nobody's Like Me: A Bronx Girl's Memoir

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More About This Title Nobody's Like Me: A Bronx Girl's Memoir


Nobody's Like Me is a search for self, while simultaneously a tribute to women, family and the positive forces of love over generations. It exposes the raw emotions of a young girl, more spiritual than religious, who attempts to find her place in a world of non-Jews and within her own cultural group. Prejudice, isolation, ostracism, sexuality and lack of identity prevailed, as she moved from predominantly Irish neighborhoods in the Bronx, to her so-called own, safe haven of the Van Cortlandt, Amalgamated Housing area. The fire of this saga was further fueled by the awakenings of the fifties, the explosion of the sixties and her own tumultuous home. Nobody's Like Me intimately and magically reveals common trials and tribulations unified by the significant people and events, influencing one's life. They are fated, should you believe, with a bit of the paranormal. Throughout the passages, a spider- like web emerges that entraps, enwraps and exposes the beauty in both life and death. So embrace the cycle, peer through this window, travel beside those within and hopefully benefit through the journey together. YOU MAY JUST FIND A PIECE OF YOURSELF !


Irene is a 35yr. retired NYC English teacher, who received her BA, MA and Administrative Degrees at Herbert H. Lehman College and The College of New Rochelle. Born, raised and educated in the Bronx and NYC Suburbs; she now resides in Rockland County, NY with her husband and family. Guidance and Special Education were an integral part of her career; understanding that the whole child must be considered throughout their school life and into adulthood. Though her saga set out to honor those who nourished her personal growth, it emerged into a story many could benefit from. There is light at the end of the tunnel with hope, determination, the power of love and a little spiritual influence along the way.