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THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE C&A TRANSFORMATION by Dr Julie E Mehan & Waylon Krush from IT Governance Ltd

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  • The First Publication of a Comprehensive View of the C&A Transformation
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    IT Governance Publishing
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    Paperback / softback
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    300 +
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  • IT Governance Ltd
    United Kingdom
IT Governance Ltd

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IT Governance Publishing ('ITGP') is a publishing imprint that is wholly owned by IT Governance Ltd. ITGP publishes books and toolkits that fall within the broad range of IT governance subjects, including information security, compliance, risk management, ITIL, IT Service Management, Management Sy...

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The Definitive Guide to the C&A Transformation provides an authoritative guide to authorization for persons with knowledge of information systems and/or information systems security, but not necessarily the same level of expertise with certification and accreditation (C&A) standards and best practices; it points to references for further knowledge. It is scoped to present the information needed to meaningfully recognize, implement, and manage authorization requirements and achieve compliance with federal, local and agency laws and policies.