Rough Roads and Incredible Vistas

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Now that I'm 61, I look back on this adventure and am so glad I took time away from my career, my thoughts of what life should be, and allowed myself this freedom. There's no way I could have had these experiences now that I'm retired. I implore people to go experience travel when they are young and flexible.


Laurie Dillon Martin- I was born and raised in Worthington, Ohio. I graduated from high school and left home at 16. I worked as a nurse's aide and traveled and lived in New Mexico, Louisiana, and California. I earned my BS Degree in Oceanography and Teaching Credential from Humboldt State University. I taught in a private school in Petaluma, CA. I bought my first motorcycle when I was 30. I met my World Traveling Harley man when I was 31. We got married and instead of carrying me over the threshold, he put me on the Harley and we were off for a 5 year honeymoon to see the wor world. I have been so fortunate to be able to travel as we have. This book is just a glimpse into the beginning of our life together. We have been married now for 28 years. We live in St. Maries, Idaho and are blessed with a wonderful family and dear friends.