Identity Theft

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Tony Wolfe is a messenger for a major bank and runs errands for its CEO. A hard worker with excellent people skills, Tony's efforts pay off and he is hired by the bank permanently. A few months later, he is promoted to purchasing agent. Celebrating his newfound success, he goes out to celebrate and sniffs cocaine for the first time. The pleasurable high he experiences hooks him on the drug and sets off the path of his destruction. Eventually Tony uses the drug on a daily basis and resorts to embezzling money from the bank to support his drug addiction and high-profile lifestyle. The bank discovers his crime and relieves him of his duties. Tony attempts to start over but his options are now limited due to his embezzlement record. He tries selling drugs and armed robbery but fails. Then his friend introduces him to the lucrative business of Identity Theft and Tony quickly sets the standards for the new breed of sophisticated street hustlers. Identity theft enables him to make thousands of dollars a day - until he makes the mistake of investing in a local drug dealer. It is a move that leaves him a mere shadow of his former self, and almost costs him his life.


George McNair is a native of Pennsylvania but has lived-in Southern California since 1999. He completed his basic education in Chester, Pennsylvania. He attended Williamsport Community College and Marywood University, both in Pennsylvania. His English professor at Williamsport suggested he give writing a try. After a successful career as a tax accountant he decided to give it a try.