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More About This Title Nirvana


Nirvana is a little girl living at home with her mother as they prepare to take their first camping trip into the forest with friends. That night, Nirvana is laying in her bed, restless, worrying wild animals might eat her. Once asleep, in her dream-state, she encounters a remarkable little town strangely named “Rogueville.” It is there that she discovers animals are the sole inhabitants working, playing, and driving about in their animal mobiles. Even more surprisingly, she encounters Dog and Rat. They are not only the town’s archrivals, they are comedians too. Dog is the king, known to be the best comedian in the land. Rat is the town’s hero and most-revered rat. They are hopeful Rat will dethrone Dog, bringing peace back to the town, and with luck, redirect the mischievous acts of the young rouges following in Dogs misguided footsteps.


Cicero Curry is a sixty-six-year-old writer. He is encouraged by the dreams he had as a young man to one-day write novels. Now retired, he is fulfilling that dream. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and has been married for thirty-eight-years, has eight children, and nine grandchildren.