Framework: 10 Architectural Knits

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Inspired by the Sparrow and Kestrel linen yarns made by Quince & Company, this collection uses geometric shapes and unusual construction to provide adventurous knitters with 10 new designs that are perfect for wearing in the warmer months. True to form, the author makes use of her masterful understanding of the knitted stitch and characteristics unique to plant fiber types like linen to create unconventional designs. The book includes patterns for three tees, two short-sleeved open cardigans, a shrug, a poncho, a tank top, a scarflet, and a shawlet. The pieces feature eyelets, dropped stitches, cables, and mesh to be used alone or in combination. These projects are far from basic, garden-variety pieces—each one a bold statement of modern style.


Norah Gaughan is an independent designer working out of her studio and has spent her life immersed in knitting. She is a member of the Brooklyn Tweed design team, designing a collection with The Fibre Co., and recording online classes with CreativeBug. She is the author of Comfort Knitting, Knitting Nature, and Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook. She lives in Harrisville, New Hampshire. Quince & Co. is a small yarn company founded by two knitwear designers and the owner of a spinning mill. They have a strong bias toward natural fibers and create thoughtfully conceived quality yarns spun mostly from American wool. They are based in Portland, Maine.