Silver Foxtail Clouds

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An Indian legend says, "As much mischief can happen through unkind or careless words as with flying arrows. Evil comes like a storm. Lit by sunlight, clouds appear like silver foxtails to sweep away devastation. When we see silver foxtail clouds, we are reminded to guard our thoughts and tongues lest evil follow in their wake."

Andy Dillynn, for some unknown reason, is chosen to be like the foxtail clouds and right the potential evil another man’s words and careless thoughts have set in motion. Being swept through time, he finds himself masquerading as someone else...twice.


Carol Smiles uses many things for inspiration when writing. This time the inspiration came from seeing her grown-up son in a cowboy costume for a Halloween Party.

Carol lives and writes in northern California. Retired from nursing, she is enjoying herself doing the many artistic activities that had for so many years been only hobbies.