The Christian Persuader

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As the world shrinks because of technology and instant communication, and our cities, towns, and neighborhoods become more culturally and internationally diverse, church leaders, church planters, pastors, and volunteers must become more alert and wise in understanding the biblical meaning of evangelism. The Christian Persuader helps to - Clarify the essential and unchanging mission of the church - Articulate what language and message Christ-centered evangelism should speak - Define what conversion to Jesus Christ means in a pluralistic world - Model the biblical ministries of evangelism and social witness in a world of conflict


Dr. Leighton Ford is a Presbyterian minister, evangelist, and author who has spoken in forty countries and is known as a leader in world evangelization. His focus in recent years has been on the next generation of Christian leadership, and serves as a mentor for emerging global leaders. He and his wife, Jeanie live in Charlotte, North Carolina.