The Dybbuk Box

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Recently orphaned Becca Moskowitz, uncertain about starting college is offered a reprieve by her guardians, her great aunt, and uncle. Disturbed by dreams of her dead grandmother, her aunt, a psychiatrist has her on medication for “hallucinations.” But Becca is not hallucinating, she is a psychic. Haunted by her dead grandmother--who is typical of most ghosts—and not clear about what she wants Becca to do with the box once she finds it, Becca enlists the help of her friends. They encourage her to explore her new gifts and explain some of the pitfalls of having “special” talents. Nathan Steiner owns the curio shop where the box ends up. He bought it as a curiosity, a gift for his mother’s birthday. Becca contacts Nathan’s shop and tells his assistant the box was sold by mistake. The shop girl is repulsed by the box, and when Nathan leaves in the ambulance with his mother, she takes it to the basement to get rid of it. When Becca calls the shop to make sure she has the correct place and indicates she wants to buy the box, the possessed shop girl lures her to the store and locks her in the basement. Becca spends a terrifying night alone in the cellar while Nathan is with his mother at the hospital. When he returns to the store and releases her, she begs him to sell her the box, but he refuses.


Ane Ryan Walker is a member of Romance Writers of America®, and Sunshine State Romance Authors, as well as Florida Writers Association. She lives and writes in central Florida, and is currently working on her next novel, The Covenant House. Be sure to visit her website for free short stories, to sign up for her newsletter, or to receive notice of upcoming projects.