The Book of Havana

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This anthology brings together ten stories by Havana-based authors, offering different perspectives on a city that has stood in defiance of much of the rest of the world for decades. These stories take us beyond the intoxicating colors of the tourist-friendly Malecon and Old Town, and into a far more complex and contradictory place; a city that many feel is poised at a watershed in its history, and may be about to change, unalterably.


Orsola Casagrande is a renowned journalist, writer, and filmmaker. Daniel Chavarría has been awarded the prizes: Nacional Literary Prizes (Cuba) and its equivalent in Uruguay “Bartolomé Hidalgo” in 2010. Irina J. Davidenko is a writer and actress. Eduardo del Llano Rodríguez is a writer, script writer, film director and actor. Laidi Fernández de Juan is a writer and doctor. She was awarded the Luis Felipe and UNION prizes 1998 for her book “Oh vida”. Jorge Enrique Lage  is a writer. He has a degree in biochemistry. Eduardo Heras Léon is a writer. He is the director of the Centre of Literary Formation. Cinthia Paredes is a writer and actress. Ahmel Echevarría Peré was awarded the David UNION prize in 2004 for his book “Inventario”. Francisco López Sacha is a writer, essayist and teacher. Eduardo A. Santiesteban was born in Cuba, short story: “Mi noche” (provisional title: “Mi Night”), unpublished.