Of Such Is the Kingdom PART III: Power and Persecution

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More About This Title Of Such Is the Kingdom PART III: Power and Persecution


This novel is the sequel to Of Such Is The Kingdom Parts I & II: A Novel of the Christ and the Roman Empire. It employs those characters who were still alive at the end of Part II and adds some new ones. Did Claressa embrace Manaheem's new-found faith? What happened to the bereaved family of Benjamin? Did Joseph, the oldest son get to go to Rabbi school? Did Barabbas continue to follow the master and did his wife and children join him? Was Pontius Pilate able to forget about his decision to crucify Jesus and did he become the strong ruler his wife wanted him to be? These and other questions are answered in this volume.

The new characters added include Saul, who becomes Paul, Herod Agrippa, the nephew of Herod Antipas, who wants to take over the latter's territory, and Caligula, the crazy son of Emperor Tiberius and friend of Agrippa. Against the background of suspicion and treachery within the empire and disdain for and persecution of the new faith, the Church continues to grow and flourish.

Follow the travels of Manaheem as he tries in vain to convert the two Herods. Follow the machinations of Herod Agrippa in his aim to take over his uncle's territory. Follow the foibles of Pilate as he seeks to become a stronger ruler, while still regretting his decision to crucify Jesus.

Follow the new life of Barabbas and his family. Follow the lives of Benjamin's family as they cope and deal with their loss and the now seeming impossibility of Joseph's schooling. Will he get to go to Rabbi school and what will it mean for their future? But mainly follow the early church as it grows in spite of persecution.


JAMES M. BECHER, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on June 8, 1943. In Jr. High School, he became interested in writing and drama. He wrote several poems and articles and a few short stories, plays and novelettes. In college, he won second prize in a contest with the Biblical short story, “Beggarman-Thief,” which now forms part of this novel.

He graduated from Clearwater Christian College in 1970 with a B.A. degree in Bible-Literature, and Biblical School of Theology in 1974 with a Master of Divinity.

Ordained in November, 1974, he served as assistant pastor/Bible teacher in several churches. He also served in a foreign-student ministry, where he met his dear wife, Berenice Carett from Venezuela.

He currently publishes the E-zine, “Inspirational Success Tips” available at [email protected]