Exposing the Desirable Female

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Straight from the trenches of the Southern California dating scene, Eric Mick exposes what single women do wrong while searching for their perfect mate. Punishing heartbreaks, atrocious Internet dating profiles, settling for sub-par men in fear of being alone, and unknown desire tricks that attract men as though they’re chasing a dog bone line the chapters of this eccentric romance memoir. And what better way to do this than by documenting hundreds of real life dating failures, and then carefully analyzing why the man decided to pursue other options. Although this book heroically attempts to help single females, its true genius lies in the comedic material brought out by obsessively observing the early stages of a relationship. After being forced back into the dating scene through an unforeseen heartbreak, Eric Mick struggles to find his long-lost appeal to women. After almost a year of failure and depression, he not only regains his mojo, but stumbles upon the holy grail of answers to female dating woes through his new stand-up comedy inspiration.


Eric Mick started his writing career in the third grade when he received three weeks of detention for a story his teacher deemed “too vulgar” for a third grade audience. This punishment propelled him to follow his passion for writing through his adolescent and adult life. A UC Santa Barbara graduate, contributor to the Daily Nexus, writer for multiple commercials on a plethora of cable networks, a Second City graduate, and a stand-up comedian with performances all over the New York and Los Angeles areas, showed that the three weeks of detention from Mrs. Edmonds were well spent.