4 Pages 16 Bars: Sequential Graffiti

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More About This Title 4 Pages 16 Bars: Sequential Graffiti


This sampler provides readers with a showcase for existing and upcoming talent, and provides them with a source guide to purchase books. Diversity has become the buzzword in the comic book industry with large comic book companies claiming to lead the charge, but merely scratching the surface of the complexity and intersection of race, culture, and gender. This book provides a rich variety that is a visual form of jazz, rock, funk, hip hop and electronic music. This is art for the people.


Jiba Molei Anderson is the owner of Griot Enterprises, the creator of its flagship property The Horsemen, and a part-time animation, multimedia, and video game design professor. His work has been featured in the book Black Comix and he has been interviewed for publications such as Afropunk, GQ Magazine, New York Times, and Sci Fi Pulse. He lives in Chicago.