Footprints Among the Stars

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Michael was Diagnosed in 2001 with Multiple Sclerosis after a lesion was found covering six vertebrae in his lower spine. Told he would probably be unable to walk in a few years, Michael embarked on a deep spiritual and meditative journey in search of inner peace and strength. What he found was a group of Quantum Beings who appeared as the Archangel Michael. Michael spent years conversing and working with them in order to alter his perception of what we call 'reality' and was able to overcome his Multiple Sclerosis. Out of these conversations grew practices and rituals designed to foster and maintain a co-creative partnership with the Archangel Michael and the other beings he came to know as the Aeons or Archangels of the Face. In Footprints Among the Stars, Michael Gryffyn applies his 15+ years as a Sound Healer and spiritual teacher to translate these conversations into a cohesive, simple, yet profound set of rituals and practices to prepare our minds and spirits to contact and converse with the Aeons and learn as he did how to alter his perception of the universe and bend reality to help solve our problems.


Michael Gryffyn (born Michael Sieger in 1955) is a writer, an artist, a visionary, and a practitioner of various esoteric disciplines. He has been active in Wicca and Neo-pagan communities since the early 1980’s. His initial training was in traditional witchcraft and is an elder and priest in both Celtic and Alexandrian traditions. He is a sound energy healer and regularly holds workshops on a variety of topics including, sound healing techniques, fire magick, alchemy and Angelic magick. His personal techniques grew out of his journey to heal himself of Multiple Sclerosis and are rooted in a synthesis of traditional esoteric teachings, modern science, sound energy manipulation and his conversations with the quantum beings known as the Aeons. You may contact Michael at: [email protected]