Tragically Beautiful

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From Kuko Alamala comes the powerful account of a lifetime of emotional and spiritual transformation. It is a story of generations that starts before the author, a successful IT professional and musician, is born, with the meeting and marriage of his parents, a marriage that turns out to be troubled in more ways than one. This leads to the introduction of an abusive stepfather into Kuko Alamala’s life. The resulting events of his childhood will have a lifelong impact on the author. Follow Kuko Alamala through incredible highs and devastating lows as his family grows, starting with the birth of his first child at the age of 14. It is not easy becoming a parent at such a young age, and Kuko Alamala struggles to find his footing within his relationships with his children’s mothers. He faces infidelity and the challenges of making a life with someone when you are both still changing and growing. Throughout, Kuko Alamala also wrestles with depression and multiple suicide attempts as his life appears to spiral out of control at several turns. This is ultimately, however, an uplifting story of triumph and the power of God’s grace to transform a person and his life. The search for spiritual guidance resonates with many who are in the midst of their own journeys, and provides hope for a future full of light and love.


Kuko Alamala: Born in Newark, NJ to Puerto Rican Parents who separated when he was five, made for an interesting life to say the least. Usually when someone becomes a father at the age of 14 their options become very limited. This never stopped him from reaching for the stars and where he is today is a testament to that. His parents will tell you he's been singing since he was one, when he had his mother play "El Burito De Belen" a Puerto Rican children's song over and over for a few months and would sing it before he could properly speak. But it was not until the age of 13 that he realized he had a talent for writing poems, and converting them into songs. He would write Poems for all of his friends to give to their little girlfriends. As November 2016, he has recorded 5 albums and well over 50 songs from Latin to American Pop. Kuko Alamala writes, produces, composes, directs, edits and arranges. To add to his resume, he is now a self published author. In addition to all of his artistic endeavors, he is also an Enterprise IT Management professional for a Multi Billion Dollar Japanse Corporation.