Sacred Honor

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Military fictional drama account of possible consequences of a presidential executive order that would ban private firearm ownership that could lead to second civil war.


Born July 30 1959. Educated in Catholic school until age 12. Further education in Chicago public school system. Jim graduated from R.L. Grimes Elm. Attended 2 years at J.F. Kennedy H.S. Higher education received growing up on the streets of Chicago’s southwest side, as well as Clearing Bowling Alley. Attended Richard J. Daily, and Morraine Valley College, received GED in 2007. Began work at age 12, on newspaper trucks followed by various jobs from picking up golf balls, stock boy, busboy, and McDonalds’s grill cook to fork lift operator and motorcycle mechanic. From age 19 through 24 trained and worked as machinist. At 25 began career as railroad heavy equipment mechanic until age 47, started own business specializing in mobile heavy equipment maintenance and repair. Married to Barbara since 1981, four grown sons, Jim (Alexis), Bill (Angela), Mike and John, and has two grandchildren, Noah and Eden. Other hobbies and interests include politics, military history, movies, music, sports, and building replica cannons. Participated in amateur boxing as fighter and coach, managed little league baseball, played semi – pro baseball until age 52. Has been active in community and neighborhood watch volunteer, and local school council. NRA member, riding Harley and is a dead shot with a hand gun.