The Frog Prince

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A CLASSIC TALE AS NEVER BEFORE TOLD: Long ago in magical realm, seventeen-year-old Prince Gerit reneges on a promise and is turned into a frog. He struggles to adapt to living in a frog's body, feeding himself, and avoiding predators, and then he sets off to find a princess who can undo the spell. Gerit finds Princess Anneliese, but she refuses to kiss him. In a stalemate that forces them to spend time together, Anneliese and Gerit learn to enjoy each other's company. When Anneliese is faced with marrying a man she does not love, Gerit persuades her to kiss him and turn him back into a prince.


Mike Klaassen is the author of "Backlash: A War of 1812 Novel" and two young-adult novels: "Cracks" and "The Brute." He has also written two nonfiction books: "Scenes and Sequels: How to Write Page-Turning Fiction" and "Fiction-Writing Modes: Eleven Essential Tools for Bringing Your Story to Life." He publishes "For Fiction Writers," a free monthly ezine about the craft of writing fiction. For more, visit