Young Boy Lost

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In Young Boy Lost: Tommy’s First Chance, Tommy lived in abject poverty, with a man who claimed to be his father, and who treated him harshly. Tommy had to scrounge for food and firewood. He eventually was left with Ted and Margaret Carson by his “father”, who moved to Chicago to find his fortune. Tommy’s life with Ted and Margaret was fantastic. They were a young Christian couple with three children of their own—twins Timmy and Tyler, who were six years old, and Elizabeth, who was four years old. Pastor Vic (P.V.) also lived as a boarder with Ted and Margaret. He was a young man just out of seminary and was the pastor at the Port Falls Community Church, which Ted and Margaret attended. Tommy also met Eric when he was living with Ted and Margaret. Eric was their neighbor and lived with his mother, Evelyn. Eric’s dad had died over a year previously and life was hard for Eric and Evelyn after that. They eventually moved in with Ted and Margaret as well, after Evelyn became ill with pneumonia. Tommy and Eric had a series of adventures, including train rides, being kidnapped, rescue attempts, horse rides, a blizzard, thin ice, and more. In Young Boy Lost: Tommy’s Second Chance, Tommy was in the process of being adopted by the young couple, and life was good. However, a mysterious stranger followed Tommy, and it looked like the stranger was intending to take him. Tommy and Eric, along with some of their friends, had another series of adventures in the springtime, filled with danger and excitement. In Young Boy Lost: Tommy’s Third Chance, Tommy and his friends continue their adventures during the summer. They run into bank robbers, bulls, bees, storms, kidnappers, a “giant”, an undefeated baseball team, and have hair-raising escapades that make the reader wonder if any of them are going to make it through unscathed. They also enter the county fair and have a horse race that is sure to thrill. Will Tommy and friends survive this next series of mishaps? Find out in Young Boy Lost: Tommy’s Third Chance.


C. W. Gustafson was born and raised in northern Wisconsin, by Lake Superior. He is a rural school educator. He is the youngest of six children born to a couple who loved and spent their lives in northern Wisconsin.