Surfing on a Cloud
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"On the day Daniel Reed inherited money from his late father?s estate, his long-term girlfriend, Emma, told him she was pregnant with his child. This came as a complete surprise, especially when they?d planned to travel the world together. What came as more of a surprise is that Emma also confessed to having an affair with his best friend. Heartbroken, vulnerable, and confused about his sexuality, Daniel set off to travel the world by himself in an attempt to meet fascinating new people and, perhaps, a new love interest.
Surfing is a tale of adventure, love, and exploration. Complex relationships, painful realisations and revelations, a journey of self-discovery. Every emotion is covered within this story, from love and lust, happiness to hatred, despair to sorrow.
Surfing creates a web of interesting lives spanning the globe with unexpected surprises. The reader will empathise with Daniel as he travels to beautiful destinations but struggles with emotions that tear him apart.
With good looks, money, and charm, meeting the girl of his dreams in Thailand, what could possibly go wrong?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs