Journey of a Black Man
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"Journey Of A Black Man


The novel Journey Of A Black Man is a book written to tell the story of the origin of the a black man, according to the oral narration by our ancestors (Ijebu) people who are one of the prominent tribes in Nigeria. The narration tell us that OLORUN-ELEDUMARE (God Almighty) create the earth in the location which scientist indentifi ed as Atlantis that eventually sink and form the Atlantic ocean, and part of the remnant of the Atlantis which we call Ife in Nigeria.

God destroy Atlantis because of the continuous disobedience and wickedness of the inhabitants. Eventually, God raise human being through Nuhabi (Noah) after God had flood the earth and Nuhabi's descendants from Josepha, Ham and Sham, of which our ancestors originate from Ham and Shem. They settled in the lower part of the river Nile delta and are the ruler of Egypt as the Pharaoh. The Yoruba people become the prominent tribe after God separate the whole of Adamah's (Adam's) descendants and make them to scatter over the earth. However, the tribal wars, conflicts over lands and religions (Idols worshipping) made Egypt to become difficult to be governed, so the most recognized Yoruba leader called Oduduwa who is a Priest-King decide to migrate back to Atlantis called Ife, which they had known to be the origin of creation. He moved with his son Oranyan to Ife and the Yoruba people dwell in the land in the Western Nigeria to other part of West Africa.

Some of the Yoruba people remaining in Egypt rule over the place and when Abraham sojourn to Egypt, he was given a Yoruba ruler's daughter Ewaduni as one of his concubines so as to allow peaceful co-existence between the Yoruba and his followers. Then the descendants of Ewaduni become the Jebu people that own Jebusite in present Middle East, they are strong warriors and when the Israelites return from Egypt back to the land of Cannan, the Benjamites and the descendants of Joseph settled down among the Jebusite as cousin. But eventually, because of confl icts over land King David defeat the Jebusites and change the name of the city to Jerusalem. So the Jebus descendants left and settle down in Sudan and Egypt. However, a Pharaoh call Alare(Alara/Arunah) who is a Jebu married a Sheba King’s daughter and their daughter became the ruler of Sheba whose name is Biliquis Sungbo(the Queen of Sheba in the present Ethiopia). Eventually, the Queen of Sheba met with King Solomon and their son Magrigbaki made himself King by parading himself with the Royal crown and the Royal robe. Th is act was considered as a coup-de tact, but Queen of Sheba in order to safe his son's life made him the King and followed the migration of Alare's son Olu-Iwa out of the Southern Sudan to Atlantis city of Ife in Ife where the Yoruba ancestors originate and later to the present Ijebu-Ode in Nigeria. Th en a Jebu Prince call Ogboronganda, whose mother was a granddaughter of Alare became the most prominent leader in Egypt as a Pharaoh Elect, he lead and defeat the notorious Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia. But because of continues fights and all the Princes want to become the Pharaoh, he migrate to Ijebu-Ode. White people and slave trade in southern Nigeria stories. "

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