1,111 Idioms
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"Do you have a frog in your throat or the eyes of an eagle? Are you snug as a bug in a rug, or were you left out in the cold? Do English idioms make you lose your head?

Intended for either personal use or a classroom setting, this workbook presents 1,111 English idioms using practical examples designed to help readers and students learn the meaning and context of each idiom. Divided into broad categories such as animals, colors, directions, and food, this guide contains 185 short lessons of six idioms grouped by various subcategories, such as ?Hogs and Pigs.? Author Marco Bussanich builds on nearly two decades of classroom experience to provide an organization that allows for both easy personal use and straightforward guided study. You can quickly increase your skill with English idioms using a time-tested method and have fun in the process.

Offering an innovative approach to the study of English idioms, this reference and study guide presents more than one thousand idioms in a simple and entertaining format."

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