Global Wireless Spiderweb
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In July 2016, GSMA live tracker of number of smart devices in the world overtook live world population clock. We are increasingly getting exposed to an invisible web of radiation all around us through the wireless devices we love so much. With the advent of cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) set to launch more than a trillion smart devices before the end of second decade of 21st century, exposure of all living species is assuming worrisome proportions. Necessity used to be mother of invention but not anymore. Now ?greed? is the father of invention. Science is clear about link between radiofrequency exposure and brain tumours, infertility, electrohypersensitivity among several other disorders. It is time the industry and the governments took notice of it. This book describes how the wireless technology has snapped the link between nature and all living species including wildlife, thus bludgeoning biological systems to adapt to its unforeseen physical impacts. It makes a compelling argument that cuts through the smokescreen created by industry-funded science and defended by revolving-chair scientists.

Exhibited At: International book fairs