Don't "Bleeping" Do That
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More About This Title Don't "Bleeping" Do That


"This is a ?Not To? book and not a ?How To? book. The book is full of dark humour and describes the pitfalls that small business owners should avoid while building a business. It discusses the interesting relationships between the owner and his family, employees, customers, suppliers, and the taxman. The owner?s character and personality traits are discussed extensively.
Some of the topics are:
? Pillow talk. Don?t get ideas !
? Stubbornness. Dammit man!
? Innovators. Stow them away
? Consultants. Virgins giving sex classes
? Loneliness. Get a good friend
? Two business plans. I must be mad
? The security of yourwife. Do you want food tonight?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs