Vietnamese Voices
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"Mary Ellen Guiney thought she was going on a typical holiday when she joined a group of friends to visit Vietnam in 2012.

She made sure to bring her Asics with her as she?d signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for treating breast cancer. She also planned to eat well, lap up the sun, swim, drink beer, enjoy mud baths, and see historical sites.

But while in Vietnam, she experienced psychosis and was treated with drug-induced therapy. She went on to suffer post-psychotic depression due to the medication and was diagnosed as schizophrenic?all while discovering that her mum was suffering from lung cancer.

But Mary Ellen refused to give in to despair?and she found that exercising, eating a balanced diet, thinking positively, and cognitive behavioral therapy did wonders for her mind and body.

Mental health continues to be a taboo topic, and many people suffer from depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other problems without even knowing it. Join the author as she seeks personal wellness while coping with breakups, death, and other obstacles in Vietnamese Voices."

Exhibited At: International book fairs