Alphonse the Alpaca and Antony the Anaconda
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More About This Title Alphonse the Alpaca and Antony the Anaconda


"This story is about two great friends?Alphonse, an alpaca, and Antony, an anaconda. Alphonse and Antony live with a family. Oswald is the father, Vicky is the mother, and they have three children: Andrew, Charlotte, and Harriet.

Antony helps Alphonse arrange a hot-air ballooning holiday, and the story portrays Alphonse, his alpaca friends, and their adventures in a small seaside town in Wales called Aberystwyth.

As the alpacas enjoy their holiday, Oswald (a hotel manager) has the challenge of rescuing his career and, in doing so, reviving the fortunes of the Grand Hotel in Cheltenham."

Exhibited At: International book fairs