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The most wanted, the most feared, the most hated, the most powerful job in journalism: being a reviewer means writing about something you love and getting paid for it. So for a lot of people it's the No 1 dream job in the media. Whether your passion is film, music, books, visual arts or the stage, you can get closer to it as a reviewer and establish a career in one of the most influential roles open to a writer. Get the edge on the competition with a book that's a treasure trove of wisdom, experience and downright cunning, passed on by the best critics writing today.
A great review will be read by millions, and writing it calls for a high degree of skill. Based on a lifelong passion, packed into a few hundred words and often written in less than an hour, a review makes heavy demands on writer's technique and experience. This book explains how to seize your readers' attention and how to be witty always, fascinating most of the time and bitchy when you need to be. Reviews from classic writers like Pauline Kael or Kenneth Tynan are contrasted with today's hot names including Mark Kermode and Stewart Maconie. We look back at the history of the critic and some of the groundbreaking groups who have shaped our culture, including Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table, the French New Wave directors who founded Les Cahiers du Cinema and London's celebrated Modern Review, founded by Julie Burchill, Toby Young and Cosmo Landesman.


Celia Brayfield spent seven happy years as a television critic on The Times in London. She has also reviewed regularly for BBC radio and TV programmes including Newsnight and Front Row as well as publications including the Evening Standard and New Statesman. Building on her career as a reviewer she then became a novelist. Now the author of nine novels and four non-fiction books, she has also experienced reviewing from the artist's side. She is the former Director of the Creative Writing Programme at Brunel Univesity and Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University. In 2006 she established the respected Creative Writing programme at Brunel University and now heads up the Creative Enterprise Centre in the Brunel University School of Arts.