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Screenplays … How to Write and Sell Them is an accessible yet comprehensive book aimed at those with a keen interest in writing feature film screenplays. Using case studies, creative exercises and interviews from the industry, the book will guide readers through the necessary stages of writing a screenplay, from finding and developing ideas to creating and executing characters to shaping structure and constructing scenes. It will also consider how a screenplay might be sold, or used to raise interest in the writer, looking at areas such as finding and working with an agent, networking, using competitions, and raising private production funds. The book's approach is both creative and reflective, giving readers the opportunity to learn a wealth of creative skills alongside skills that will encourage them to think about themselves as writers and the work that they are developing. As such, the book will empower readers in their own creative processes and allow them to successfully tell the stories they want to tell. Rich with analyses from classic and contemporary films, littered with practical models, paradigms and creative tasks, and enhanced by the views of key industry figures, the book is a must for any aspiring feature film screenwriter.


Craig Batty is Associate Professor of Screenwriting at RMIT University, Australia. He is a screenwriter, script consultant and script editor, with experiences in short film, feature film, television and online drama. He is the author, co-author and editor of eight books, including Writing and Selling Romantic Comedy Screenplays (published by Creative Essentials), The Creative Screenwriter: Exercises to Expand Your Craft, Movies That Move Us: Screenwriting and the Power of the Protagonist’s Journey and Screenwriters and Screenwriting: Putting Practice into Context.


'Essential, indeed' - Robin Mukherjee

'results-oriented exercises, spot-on case studies, workable options and professional insight' - Kathie Fong Yoneda