Tempting Fate
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No relationship comes with a guarantee. You’ve got to take a leap of faith.

At twenty one, Crystal Lambert has a perfect life. Well almost perfect, with the exception of a boyfriend. So it’s no surprise to her when she’s smitten with the handsome foreigner, after she falls into his arms in a somewhat embarrassing situation. Though she can smell trouble, she’s drawn to him like a moth to fire.

Coming to Austin is an escape for Aiden Drakos from all the darkness surrounding him in Athens. The last thing he needs is a girl falling all over him. Past has taught him to keep a distance from such feelings.

With so much at stake, can they walk away from the deep and warm relationship once the semester is over?


Anastasia Nil lives in New York and derives her inspiration to write from her father, who was an amazing storyteller. As a teenager, she wrote poems and short stories while also listening to music which took her to fascinating and faraway places. She enjoys writing romance and young adult fiction. Having traveled extensively, Nil brings the culture and flavors from all over the world she enjoys and tries to showcase them in each of her stories.

She’s currently working on two different series:
> The Heart of Crystal
>Fatal Obsession


“No relationship comes with a guarantee. You’ve got to take a leap of faith.”

“Falling in love is one of most beautiful emotions one can feel. You haven’t lived your life, if you haven’t loved.”

“Bad experiences in life make you really appreciate the wonderful ones we are fortunate to have. Let’s embrace this moment we’ve been given and cherish it for life.”

“Life’s made up of the wonderful moments we share. Some are shorter than others. But we can’t be afraid and hold back from what we feel deeply because of the pain of separation after the short journey.”

“Just have your feet firmly on the ground; then no storm can blow you away.”