An Apprentice Dictator in the White House
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More About This Title An Apprentice Dictator in the White House


"A young, handsome, charismatic Southern governor is elected president of the United States in a landslide. He was so popular that world leaders were scrambling to attend his inauguration. Among the attendees were the pope, the queen of England, and other royalties.

He had, however, an Achilles? heel?he was a philanderer. It will not take long for his misdeeds to leak out to the media and the opposition party. While he was being investigated, the noose was getting tighter around his neck.

Pressured by his wife to save his power, he decided to do the unthinkable.
He suspended the Constitution.
He dissolved Congress.
He fired five members of the Supreme Court.
He declared martial law.

How will the nation react to this wannabe dictator?
How long will he last?
Read on."

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