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More About This Title STATEMENT


"In the year 2090, The King of Incognito sends thirty one young people to the Palace Of Statements to bring a statement which could save many lives, but each hour one person loses his life at the Palace.
Why would The King do so? And what would be the fate of these citizens?
The residents of Incognito definitely were terrified and reluctant but the ?end result? and the reward thereafter was beckoning them to take this risky plunge?? Why? After all what was this reward?....
A young girl named Riya, one of the contestants also, had to fight death in the Palace of Statements to fetch the statement??
Did she lose or emerge a winner?
What do you think was the motivation for her to carry on in a frightful atmosphere? ?..
Find your answers in the book ?STATEMENT?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs