To Whom does the 21st Century Belong?
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"These essays of Mansoor Palloor aim at the sharp and flagrant disclosure of the brutal atrocities committed by imperialistic forces on the human race and the blatant violation of basic human rights. Those who derive boundless sadistic pleasure in the unbearable stench of burnt human flesh and blood and who consider the woeful cries of pain and misery of children with dismembered bodies and their mentally ailing mothers, as sweet music to their ears, are definitely at full liberty to disagree with his views.
The articles in this book, which throw light on international trends since the year 2001, impeccably forecast and predict global events like the Middle East conflicts and wars, the rise of the Internet community and its far-reaching impact in shaping the future, the economic collapse of America, the fall of capitalism, and the recent political developments and unrest in the Middle East."

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